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5,000 Animals Saved From Euthanasia

Third Chance Program Hits Significant Milestone IRVINE, CA (March 8, 2011): The Irvine Animal Care Center’s Third Chance for Pets program recently welcomed its 5,000th adoption. The donation-driven program transfers animals from high-euthanasia rate animal shelters and brings them to the Animal Care Center for a better chance of adoption. “Through this program, we are able to save young, healthy, highly-adoptable animals that would otherwise be put to sleep due to lack of space or funds at other shelters,” said Ron R. Edwards, Animal Care Administrator. The Third Chance program began in 1998 when a Los Angeles shelter asked Edwards to take one of its dogs. Since then, the program has grown significantly. The Animal Care Center now partners with animal care agencies in seven California counties and has rescued dogs from as far away as Hawaii. They have also expanded their rescue efforts to include hoarding cases and natural disasters. As with all adoptable animals, these pets will remain at the Irvine Animal Care Center until they find a home. For more information, visit


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