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Dog Blog Radio Show

Dog Blog Radio Show
Dog Blog Radio Show Now I am bringing my publication to life via blog talk radio and am excited to present my show to listeners who love their dogs and need information and answers as well as those who want to share their knowledge so we as dog-lovers can do the very best for them. I will have many interviews with the top in their field so my listeners will be educated and have the...

What is Vaccinosis

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5,000 Animals Saved From Euthanasia

Third Chance Program Hits Significant Milestone IRVINE, CA (March 8, 2011): The Irvine Animal Care Center’s Third Chance for Pets program recently welcomed its 5,000th adoption. The donation-driven program transfers animals from high-euthanasia rate animal shelters and brings them to the Animal Care Center for a better chance of adoption. “Through this program, we are able...


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Symposium Will Help Make Animal Testing ...

Picture this: A scientist using sophisticated robots, computer models, and human cells to test how safe a chemical is for consumers. You might have thought that—with all of our technological advances—this is how potentially harmful substances found in cosmetics, household cleaners, and other products are currently tested in the United States. You would be wrong. A Revolution in...

Good Habits For Great Dogs

Presented by Paul Owens Author of The Dog Whisperer, The Puppy Whisperer and The Dog Whisperer DVD Q: I have a one-year old male who chews everything in sight. I have a brand new home and he has made holes in the wall, chewed every corner in my house, and torn and eaten my carpet. The list goes on and on. Any suggestions? A: More information is needed in order to...

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