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Support Your Dogs Liver With Liverite Li...

Support Your Dogs Liver With Liverite Liveraid For Dogs
Some of the functions of the liver are: * Cleansing the blood * Regulating the supply of body fuel; producing and supplying glucose to keep the body active and the mind alert * Manufacturing many essential body proteins * Producing bile which eliminates impurities from the body and aids digestion * Regulating the balance of many hormones in the body * Regulating the supply of...


by Kim Rockshaw, DIHom, BFRP Spring is upon us. . . an early year for all things blooming and blowing through the air. And time for one to look at some permanent, safe allergy solutions for our beloved animal companions. In my practice as a homeopath/naturopath that specializes in working with animals, one of the hardest things to often treat is allergies. In some cases, I find that it...

The Truth About Holistic Health

Holistic health explores the relationship between the mind, body and spirit and how these three components work together to create total body health and wellness.

Holistic Health Medicine to Achieve Comp...

Nowadays, many people are showing truth on holistic health approach but few of them understand the entire concept of holistic health medicine. With the increasing complexity of life, many people are looking towards a holistic approach to health and moving in the direction of achieving complete health and wellness. This kind of healthcare concept is not only popular among aged people but youngsters too.

Holistic Health Certificate Programs

Individuals drawn to natural healing and noninvasive healthcare find that enrolling in any number of holistic health certificate programs provides them with the education and training necessary to become a professional holistic health consultant or practitioner.

The Holistic Health Care Brings Catalyse...

The holistic health care ways are very important and they are based on positive energies of body. They are integrated with other techniques.

Holistic Health Schools

In many instances, holistic health schools provide a diverse range of course topics from which to choose. Arrays of non-degree programs are seemingly popular in holistic health schools and may include but are not limited to plant medicine studies, introduction to homeopathic medicine, hydrotherapy, massage therapy, reflexology, and other natural health care modalities.

Holistic Health Programs and You

Why holistic health programs? As some conventional medicine treatments have the potential to pose serious health risks, individuals have begun turning to holistic health and alternative healthcare remedies to resolve common health conditions.

Holistic Health Certificates: Earn Yours

Earning one of several holistic health certificates is possible today thanks to the many healing arts schools that offer certificate and diploma programs in a broad assortment of alternative and natural healthcare modalities.

Holistic Health Workshops: Learning Abou...

If you're interested in learning about vitamins or supplements, or the newest alternative health treatments, then participating in one of several holistic health workshops could be your ticket to valuable knowledge and skills.

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