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Holistic Health And Health Responsibility: For A Healthy Lifestyle

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This widely known adage is usually understood to connote an irreconcilable divide between natural approaches to holistic health and the medical industry. On one side of the divide, holistic health, symbolized by an apple, represents the use of naturally available foods and essential nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, the doctor represents the established public domain of health in which laboratory created medicines manufactured by the health industry are offered as cures for varied ailments aimed at improving the health of the public. Unfortunately, this perceived divide between holistic health and the medical industry has resulted in a split in public opinion with more and more people feeling compelled to choose one or the other health option rather than taking advantage of the benefits of both. The fact, however, is that these 2 fields of health care should be adopted in unison as complementary therapies and not as competing solutions.

Holistic health choices present a person with several natural solutions that could assist them in improving their health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The natural substances used as part of a holistic health approach would be easily digested and broken down within the body to achieve their maximum healing potential. If these are used properly in their natural synergetic forms, these substances do not produce any harmful effects on the body. As a longer duration approach to wellness, the health remedies associated with holistic health practices can be harmless and effective solutions for maintaining a long and healthy life.

The combined use of holistic health options and those provided by the medical industry as complementary therapies becomes especially apt when an individual faces more serious health problems. Whereas natural ways of promoting holistic health have many advantages as a future-oriented approach to health care, taking advantage of the scientific and technological advances within the medical field may become unavoidable in life threatening situations. Viewed as complementary therapies instead of as antagonists, these 2 approaches to health care could be conjoined. As a result, the natural advantages of holistic health approaches would enable a person to cope with the trauma and side effects of several typical medical solutions.

Just as individuals do benefit immensely from complementary therapies, a combined approach is equally beneficial when applied to the health and well being of their pets. Holistic pet care offers the same natural advantages for animals as it does for humans. By using safe, natural, and proven remedies, holistic pet care solutions could significantly improve the caliber of a pet's life, protecting it from chronic and serious medical situations like cancer and thereby extending its life span.

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